Cleaning & Disinfecting the Coronavirus- UK

Covid 19 and the coronavirus that causes it are spreading fast, creating risk and concern across the UK. We specialise in disinfecting Covid 19.

Covid19 Sanitising offers a designated virus decontamination service for homes , businesses, institutions, and all public areas. We use EU and UK compliant disinfectants to give a deep clean that kills bacteria and purges the viral lodes that contaminate and infect for weeks if left untreated. We are a specialist division of the UK enterprise Softwashing UK. We have a proven track record in clean up and disinfecting Covid 19. We even featured on HTV News for our work after the recent catastrophic floods. 

What is a Coronavirus?

There are many different coronaviruses that cause diseases in humans and animals. Sometimes these infections are pretty harmless, but often they are potentially lethal, Covid19, SARs, and MERS, being good examples. Covid19 is a novel infection first recognised in the Chinese province of Wuhan. The epicentre of the spread is now Europe, with the UK deeply affected. 

Disinfection Info
Disinfecting Covid 19 UK

The signs and symptoms of Covid19

The symptoms of Covd19 are very common and it is hard to diagnose from symptoms alone. Cough and fever are the most common symptoms, but diagnosis is only made certain from testing. About 10% of patients need to go to hospital for urgent care. This is why it is important for homes, businesses, and institutions, to clean and purge a building of viruses after either a confirmed or suspected case, as the disease is very easily spread. The death rate is far higher than Influenza.

How can you catch Covid19?

The Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets that can be breathed in directly when someone coughs or sneezes nearby. The droplets also land on surfaces, and can live on for several weeks. It is important to practice good hygiene, in particular handwashing, to stop the spread of Covid19. Professional cleaning with designated biocides safely kills and eliminates viruses.

How can businesses and institutions stop the disinfect Covid 19?

Follow advice from the World Health Organization, Public Health Wales, Scotland, England, and the NHS. Everyone should use good hygiene and wash their hands with alcohol-based liquid soap, or regular soap and hot water for 20 seconds. Work from home if possible. After a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus Covid19 Sanitiation can disinfect homes, businesses, and institutions of viruses.. 

We clean and disinfect external areas too. With our team of operatives we can clean large urban areas quickly and effectively, disinfecting over 50,000 square feet a day. We disinfect streets, retail parks, shopping mauls, leisure facilities, and all areas where the public nteract.

Covid19 Sanitation follow World Health Organization and CDC guidance and best practice on virus decontamination and disinfection. 

24-Hour Virus Decontamination

Covid19 Sanitation kills and eliminates  viruses and bacteria that cause infections, including the SARS-Cov2 virus that causes Covid19. Our team are fully trained and fully equipped to  remove dangerous pathogens, waste, and sanitize homes, buildings, and external areas. 

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