Doff Sanitisation Sanitise and sterilise with steam.

Covid19 Sanitising are specialists in steam cleaning and sanitising to kill the Coronavirus and other pathogens. We use the Doff Steam Integra system. This controlled low pressure steam technology is the best in the business. It can be used to safely decontaminate large areas. The Doff Steam Integra technology from Stonehealth is only available to companies that are fully trained and certificated to steam clean, and in possession of a Stonehealth Rosette.

We have decontaminated areas inside and out, for domestic and commercial customers alike. We work on buildings and areas of all sizes. From houses and apartments- to playgrounds and public sector buildings.

With a decade’s experience in sanitising outdoors and in- using steam technology, we are proud to recommend the Doff System. 

The World Health Organisation are crystal clear. Temperatures between 140°F to 150°F are enough to kill nearly all viruses, and boiling water makes areas safe from pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Liquid and heat can have an impact “Enteric bacteria, protozoa and viruses in liquids are sensitive to inactivation at temperatures below 100 °C”. Substances like sewage, water, and milk- have all been studied and Thermal inactivation has been proved  at temperatures close to those used for pasteurisation. The effect of water and heat increases incrementally e.g. 63 °C for 30 minutes, 72 °C for 15 seconds. 

This PDF from the WHO gives more detail

Discover more info direct from Stonehealth here.

The DOFF Steam Integra system is ideal for sanitisation large areas of external surfaces, and building exteriors. The technology has been used to sanitize numerous environments including kitchens, changing rooms, parks, therapy rooms, toilets, swimming pools and even hospitals.

Doff delivers steam at 150 degrees. This removes the need for chemical intervention. 

To discuss sanitising an external area with the Doff System contact Covid19 Sanitising today.