How do you kill the Coronavirus in outside environments?

While the Coronavirus is persistent it is vulnerable when not in a host and ‘out in the wild’. The virus can live for a few days on some surfaces, but only a thin lipid bilayer (fat, basically) protects it from outside forces. The virus can be eliminated by heat, chemicals, and agitation. This is why using soaps, alcohol based rubs, and hand-washing, is so effective in preventing the spread of the virus. We specialise in decontaminating Covid 19 professionally.

We use two primary techniques to kill and eliminate the virus, and 99.9% of harmful and infectious micro-organisms. The first of these is steam cleaning.

Exterior Covid 19 Cleaning Cardiff
Decontaminating Covid 19 in Cardiff

Steam Cleaning to eliminate viral contamination.

Steam cleaning at 150 degrees kills and eliminates the Coronavirus. It is also environmentally friendly and chemical free. We are trained and certificated to use the state of the art Doff Steam cleaner that guarantees tightly controlled high temperatures at low pressure- this prevents surfaces from becoming damaged. This sanitising technique is highly effective, and sensitive- it is even recommended by Historic England for restoration work so will pose no risk to your home or business.

Biocidal treatments to decontaminate Coronavirus

To ensure the longevity of the cleaning, and penetrate even beneath a porous substrate- it is recommended to use a high grade DDAC Biocide to kill Coronavirus. This will kill all dangerous contaminants. This is recommended over large surface areas- or on areas that are particularly soiled. All are operatives are fully trained in COSHH- with vast experience of applying these biocidal treatments.

Where can you decontaminate Covid 19?

These treatments can be applied to any non vegetative external surface. We have disinfected walls, paths, patios, car parks, and playgrounds. The latter in particular are prone to contamination as children have lower standards of hygiene, and interaction makes them prolific vectors.

What areas do you cover?

Covid19 Sanitising are a UK wide operation, we also have partners in the UK and Ireland. Our operatives are highly experienced in decontamination, with successful businesses in commercial disinfection prior to the current crisis. We cover the entire UK, and projects of domestic or commercial nature, including the public sector. We have delivered disinfection consultancy and project management for some of the UK’s largest county councils.

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