Sanitising Covid 19. Why Disinfect after a case of Covid 19?

The World Health Organisation stipulates that prevention and control are key  stopping the spread of Covid 19. After a suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19 indoor disinfection is the responsible course of action. It also delivers significant peace of mind and reassurance to family, staff, or customers. At Covid 19 Sanitising our operatives work UK wide sanitising Covid 19. With all the correct PPE our team will clean and sterilise any indoor space. We do this by using Ultra Low Volume biocidal treatment, which is a form of aerosol cleaning. This utilises ULV technology, often known as a ‘defogger’.

Defogging to decontaminate and indoor space.

Is Professional Disinfecting more effective than traditional cleaning, for disinfecting Covid 19?

On a day to day basis cleaning agents, and sometimes bleach, is sufficent to clean and sterilise a surface. After an outbreak of Covid19 however you, your family, or staff, need to be certain. This is our role here at Covid19 Sanitising. It has been proven in the lab that using ‘defogging’ technology to apply biocides  and disinfectants through the air  has more impact than merely cleaning. After an infection or suspected infection the viral lode on a surface can increase really quickly. Pathogens quickly colonise surfaces. Aerosol cleaning teachnology, known as defoggers, sterlises all surfaces, by applying a disinfecting mist over all surface areas. This will then dry naturally in the air. This kills all pathogens and breaks the chain of infection. Textiles, which harbour the virus for longer, will be cleaned and decontaminated as quickly and effectively as hard surfaces. Regualr cleaning techniques struggle to disinfect textiles. 

What kind of indoor spaces can you sanitise?

In short we sanitize any indoor space. This can be a home, office, school, factory, play or leisure facility. We have worked extensively in leisure- as childrens’ play areas can be heavily infected, and children are such prolific vectors of disease. We work across the UK- so in short- if you want any indoor space in the UK disinfected look no further.

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